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Data Networks

Why Have a Custom Data Network?

Optimal Data Networking solutions are one of the bigger infrastructure changes that can be done - therefore boost productivity, safety and efficiency of your business or household by eliminating down times.


Keeping everyone connected and up to date with emails and data is crucial.


Having the correct safety and peace of mind that all the data is backed up in a strong and well secured server is a must in any modern business.

Reduce costs

Better Efficiency

Save costs on the down times in where your old system may freeze or overload.

Having optimum network solutions within your business means that the people who use it on a daily basis have less down time therefore increase their productivity in the long run.

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Our Process

Domestic solutions for data networking help you improve smaller issues such as Wi-Fi connectivity. Our dedicated team of engineers will use their expertise to pin point dead spots around your house in which they will then advise you on optimum placement for the best connectivity and achieve maximum signal in all rooms.

As for commercial properties as they tend to be larger we would have to asses the perimeter first and find weaker areas in which the team would then advise you on the optimal upgrades to make the infrastructure sound from any faults. Whether that would be an office or a warehouse we have a plethora of experience as we have helped supermarkets, schools, colleges and office blocks around the the UK to achieve maximum efficiency within their buildings.


Data network solutions.

Having the most up to date servers and data solutions within your business or household is crucial. Our bespoke services are tailored to your specific needs to streamline your productivity for you.

Expertise instead of experiments.

Powerful, reliable industrial communication networks are more than just the sum of their components. That's why no aspect of their design, planning, or implementation can be left to chance. Instead, these sophisticated challenges require a high level of skill in all relevant disciplines combined with solid industry and application expertise. It's this combination that distinguishes ASD from the competition and makes us the ideal partner for industrial communication networks that will remain viable into the future.

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Our team and expertise

At ASD we pride ourselves in our diligence and determination to provide our Data Networking solutions to be hassle free. We have a team of dedicated engineers who offer a nationwide service from installation to fault finding. We have completed projects for a number of major clients and have a reputation for understanding your needs and offering fair and honest contract services and rest assured our dedicated team are on hand to offer  professional and reliable service.

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